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We believe Kinfoqe is the next step in the evolution of peer to peer economy. Many if not all sharing economy app platforms have similar challenges. They eventually tend to lose focus of helping people, but put additional focus on how to make a profit. Our platform (we still want to make a profit but we love our planet more) strives to put the needs of society at the very top.   We like to call Kinfoqe a social platform where we focus to help lower the carbon footprint while incentivizing users. Instead of changing your daily routines, we connect users who requires services on a similar route as you for a fraction of the cost of using other delivery platform. Not only do you offset your cost of running your own errands but you also can make money as you complete multiple errands on each run.

Key Benefits:

  • Make cash while running your routine errands
  • Hassle free pricing
  • Commission free for businesses/vendors (We only ask to provide special discounts for our users through our social feed)
  • Social atmosphere (Create a profile, follow other users/friends, use social community and share deals & events
  • All users including businesses can advertise for free
  • Rate users with comments and create your go to errand runners

Download our first version of the app today available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

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